Maybe White People Should Consider Wearing These Buttons Instead Of Safety Pins

People around the world have been continuously searching for ways to show solidarity with those targeted by hateful gestures in the wake of a Donald Trump presidency. The latest politically charged accessory is sending a clear message straight to anyone who dares to step out of line.

Writer Margaret Killjoy says it was a social media comment from a friend on Facebook that sparked her idea to create buttons bearing the words, “I will do my best to f**k up and bigot who f***s with you.”

“I want to encourage people to stand up for one another and not be bystanders to oppression,” Killjoy told The Huffington Post. “Whether that oppression is individual or systemic.…I want people to have one another’s backs.”

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The buttons are a far cry from the “safety pin” movement that began just days after Trump’s election win. The movement consisted of people placing a safety pin in a visible spot on their clothing as a sign of solidarity with those who stand to endure attacks as a result of Trump’s proposed policies that will negatively impact immigrants, people of color, women and the LBGT community. Many have also changed their social media profile pics to safety pins. The gesture has been met with understandable backlash, with many noting that simply placing a safety pin on clothing isn’t nearly enough, given some of the horrific attacks people have been subjected to because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

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Moreover, the movement has been led predominantly by White people and has drawn much valid criticism from the African-American community. We have repeatedly stressed the need for White Americans to do more to send a clear message of solidarity against threats to people of color – one that makes it clear they won’t hesitate to take a stand in the face of their fellow White citizens who continue attempts to normalize racist, hateful behavior.