These Beautiful Black Women From Duke University’s Class Of 2018 Are Breaking The Internet
Lance King/Getty Images

Spring graduation season has come and gone for 2017, but a select group of ladies from the Duke University class of 2018 are already looking ahead to their big day….and heating up the Internet in the process.

Social media was left in awe and singing the praises of this sqaud of educated young Black women set to graduate from the prestigious University in 2018, after an image from a quick photo shoot they did in celebration of their upcoming final year as college students went viral.

The photo was originally shared by the sister of one of the students pictured, who couldn’t help but let the world in on the magical melanated moment.

“I’m speechless, take a moment to look at my sister and her class of graduating Educated Strong Amazing Black Women from Duke University,” @foreign.mah wrote on Instagram. “I hope many young black queens see these women as an inspiration, and an encouragement to never let anybody tell you that you can’t do or become something amazing in life.”

Congratulations to these inspiring young queens on a wonderful accomplishment!