This New ‘Black Santa’ App Is Giving Kids A FaceTime Experience They’ll Never Forget

A new app is giving Black and Brown children the opportunity to interact with a Santa Claus who looks a lot like them.

When PR maven Amber Ravenel created the Black Santa App, she was simply looking for a way to restore hope for her niece, who didn’t believe Santa Claus could be a person of color. Launched just in time for the holidays, The Ravenel Agency’s Black Santa app brings users face to face with St. Nick by way of a video message sent directly from Santa himself. 

“When I grew up there was only one type of Santa, and no matter where I went they always looked the same,” Ravenel told Huffington Post. “Not one looked like me or anyone in my family.”

With representation being one of the most powerful factors to influence the way a child interprets their own potential for greatness as they grow, exposing children to diversity in every aspect of their lives at a young age can surely make all the difference.

“As our society becomes more and more diverse, I think it’s crucial that there is diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life, and the tech tools we use,” Ravenel added. “That should include Santa Claus as well.”

The Black Santa app is currently available for download on iTunes for $2.99. Click HERE to try it out.

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