If you’re in the market for a fun, yet conscious party activity, a new card game might be the perfect fit.

Chicago-based tech coordinator Kenyatta Forbes created Trading Races, a card game that provokes players to challenge the blackness of the people pictured on the cards. 

“To start the game, each player draws five cards,” Forbes says on Kickstarter. “One randomly chosen player begins and plays a card. Everyone else selects a card from their hand that reflects a higher level of blackness and places their card down.”

The idea is that the game creates intriguing dialogue about what makes one person more conscious or “black” than the other. 

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The card decks priced at $25 feature everyone from Harriet Tubman and Huey P. Newton to Lil Kim and Rachel Dolezal. 

“People from all races, cultures, and gender have much to offer this conversation,” Forbes says. “Let’s talk about the constructs in a humorous and fun way and redefine them.”