Angela Rye Moved To Tears Over CNN Discussion On Racism Under Trump
Warwick Saint

Angela Rye has been at the forefront of fighting the good fight against President Donald Trump on our TV screens. But sometimes, that fight can be hard — even for her.

The CNN commentator was recently moved to tears earlier this week while on a CNN panel discussing racism in the Republican party.

The conversation took a turn when former Rep. David Jolly told CNN’s Don Lemon that he believes President Trump has shown racist tendencies and even apologized for it. 

“At this point I’m emotional. We’re constantly gas lit. I’m told everyday that I’m on air that I’m racist because I call out racism,“ Rye said.

“That is maddening to me. And I’m crying about it because it’s crazy,” she said as tears began to flow from her eyes. 

Rye continued talking about the Ohio kid who had the cops called on him while he was delivering newspapers.

“That is so frustrating. We’re supposed to be talking about a 12-year-old boy who was just trying to deliver newspaper and the police are calling him in Ohio where Tamir Rice was killed in the same age,” Rye says with frustration. “I want to be acknowledged and see that this is not OK for our children. This is not OK for the future direction of this country. So, I want to say, I commend you for saying what you said. It means the world to me.”