When Abby Dione opened her Fort Lauderdale rock climbing gym in 2011, she likely did not realize that she would also be making history. But by purchasing Coral Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym, she became the first Black woman in the US to own an indoor rock climbing gym. And she has since used her space to promote climbing to more people of color, Melanin Base Camp reports. Dione is about “creating opportunities for people to meet and experience how powerful climbing could be. And doing it in a safe and fun environment,” she said. That includes coaching an introductory bouldering class at the first-ever diversity in climbing festival, Color the Crag last October. She described it as “a cool opportunity to instruct and mentor. I know a lot about climbing. I’m still learning but I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity and gift to teach and share it with people.” She adds: “I’ve been climbing long enough to remember when people would ask me if I was lost.” Read the full Melanin Base Camp profile on her here.