Relationships are a lot of things. They’re beautiful, at times heartbreaking and honestly something we can’t live without. Thanks to one of the bestselling girl groups of all time, we know a little something about how to navigate them.

Before Beyoncé was Beyoncé, there was Destiny’s Child, the Houston-born R&B quartet consisting of childhood friends Queen B, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson that gave us the 411 on dealing with the opposite sex romantically. Their 1999 sophomore album, The Writing’s on the Wall, was a breakout success. The 16-track effort spent 99 consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 and went on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. Following a Godfather-esque intro, the LP ushers in song after song relating to lustful temptation, necessary breakups and plenty of heart-to-heart lyrics for ladies who are enduring the same relationship highs and lows. 

Using their knowledge of the laws of love, DC went pop and resonated with their screaming, weekly allowance-collecting fanbase, helping the album go eight-times platinum and rack up six Grammy nominations, including nods for Record of the Year & Song of the Year.

In honor of the album’s 20th anniversary, Sony Music Certified Classics launches “Destiny’s Child 2019 Dating Commandments,” an interactive, dating app experience that modernizes the 14 iconic dating commandments from The Writing’s On The Wall. Much like Tinder, you can swipe left and right to see if your own dating commandments match with DC’s newly upgraded relationship regulations. Then, share your score and customized dating advice on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

To bring Destiny’s Child’s 1999 gems to 2019, here are 7 relationship rules we learned from that iconic album. Oh, and a word of advice: Thou shall listen to The Writing’s On The Wall while reading below.

Rule #1: Thou Shall Not Love A Bug-A-Boo

With social media, suitors and strangers alike have more access to you than ever before. If you start noticing your new bae starts acting stalkerish—commenting under every Instagram post, RT’ing all your tweets and texting you 20 times before you can even respond—it’s time to block him, sis.

Rule #2: Thou Shall Leave Your Man At Home When He’s Acting Up

If you thought a Hot Girl Summer was the wave, revisit when the club was full of ballers and their pockets full grown. If your man would rather chill with his homies than spend time with you, grab your girls, a new outfit and go get lit. Head to the hottest spot in town and get things jumpin.

Rule #3: Thou Shall Make Him Say Your Name

Let’s be honest, in the age of ghosting, stashing and whatever other Millennial term means “he’s just not that into you,” you gotta make your boo be vocal about his love for you. Whether Words of Affirmation is your love language or not, in DC’s crossover hit, “Say My Name,” DC taught us—if he starts acting shady with his vocal affection, pack your bags and go.

Rule #4: Thou Shall Leave When Things Ain’t Right

Hey ladies, when men do you wrong, don’t second guess it. We get it, you love him and it’s hard to let go but if DC taught us anything, it’s that self-respect is paramount. Once that’s gone, get ghost on him.

Rule #5: Thou Shall Find A Man That Pays Bills

Look, it’s a new era. More than ever before, women are career-driven, independent and reclaiming our time… and our coin. If you got your own, he should too. Make sure his money is able to handle things and you’re not always footing the Uber and dinner bills. Check, please!

Rule #6: Thou Shall Not Cheat…

And if you do, come clean. Period.

Rule #7: Thou Shall Thank God For Every Lesson

…Because it’s a blessing, sis! Whether he’s holding you down or a scrub you have to leave in your rearview, you grew from the experience. Praise Him for that.

Stream Destiny’s Child’s best-selling album now. The physical album will be reissued on vinyl via Urban Outfitters on November 1.