11 Social Media Stars Who Rocked The Internet In 2016

Aaron Cobbett

Social media personalities provided levity during this insane year and there were a few we turned to regularly for laughs, entertainment, and positivity. Here are 11 of our favorite social media stars of 2016. We definitely recommend hitting follow.

Sydney Scott Dec, 23, 2016

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We loved seeing Jay Versace thrive in 2016. He made us laugh until we cried with his recreation of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model meltdown and was co-signed by Erykah Badu, receiving an Internet Soul Sensation award from the legendary singer. Versace also opened up about his sexuality, making it clear that he’s attracted to intelligence, not gender. 

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2016 was the year of the scammer and Joanne led the way. She taught us how to live a Caucasian life, steal credit cards and jewels, and showed us that fur is perfect for every occasion. We hope she continues to scam in 2017.

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The YouTuber, activist, and television personality had a big year. She joined Comedy Central’s ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ and was tapped by YouTube for its ‘Creators for Change’ initiative, which tackles hate and racism. She also continued her stellar work with MTV’s ‘Decoded’ and made us laugh with her podcast ‘Last Name Basis,’ which she hosts with her husband. 

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Comedian Quinta Brunson completely blew up in 2016, bringing her BuzzFeed series ‘Broke’ to YouTube Red. She continued to make us laugh as we related to her struggles the week before payday and inspired us with her lighthearted tweets. 

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Bach’s star has been on the rise for quite some time, but this year the comedian landed some major opportunities including a starring role and executive producer credit on an upcoming FOX comedy as well as a role opposite Terry Crew in indie comedy ‘Where’s the Money.’

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2016 was just the tip of the iceberg for Wade, whose poetry has resonated with tons of people online through her Instagram. She’s found a way to marry our social media obsession with our love of poetry and gives us something new just about every day.

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Khaled might have the best Snapchat on the planet. Full of inspirational “Cloth Talk” and snaps of Khaled’s good-natured interactions with fans, DJ Khaled’s Snapchat is fun, bright spot in our day.

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Elijah Quashie took the internet by storm with his chicken shop reviews, which he carries out around London. His web series “The Pengest Munch” has racked up quite the following since going viral and along with his hilarious chicken shop reviews there’s always a shoe check, where Quashie shows off his sneakers.

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The brilliant mind behind the Tumblr ‘Black Contemporary Art,’ Kim Drew is who we turn to when we want to learn about black artists. The social manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Drew has taken the art world by storm and made it accessible to art lovers who often don’t get the opportunity to experience it.

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The Chicago rapper has found fame through the internet, dropping sex positive jams for those who don’t mind getting a little nasty. However, the explicit lyrics shouldn’t be your only focus. CupcakKe’s ‘’LGBT” is wonderful shout out to her queer fanbase and “Birth Mark’’ is a devastating song about abortion.

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You’ve probably encountered a number of his videos, shared on Twitter and Facebook, of Kwaylon Rogers decked out in a wig as his character Titi. Kwaylon perfectly exaggerates — and quite often nails --- a range of reactions that women have had when dealing with men, going on interviews, and crazy uber rides.