8 Hairstyle Trends To Watch In 2022, According To Experts

Already three months into the new year, it sounds about time for a hair reset. But let’s take a moment to talk about where we came from so we know where we are going. 2021 was the start of normalcy. Shops were opening back up, and the girls were getting much-needed TLC after those quarantine haircuts and DIY dye jobs. People were craving hair expression again and started getting creative. We saw bedazzled edges, long knotless braids, fringed bangs, fresh buzz cuts, and more.

Now that everyone has regained their footing, styles are becoming more experimental. ESSENCE spoke with experts Susan Oludele and Kim Causly, the founders behind Hair By Susy and Kymm’s Creations respectively, and both say the see a fusion of ’90s and early ‘2000s hairstyles making a comeback. Think the beauty shop magazines with all the elaborate up do’s your aunts may have worn. These styles are reimagined with locs and braids, adorned with beads and butterfly clips– feeling so nostalgic. Timeless styles such as the blunt-cut bob are revamped with splice color streaks and natural styles, getting a color refresh.

Whether you want to time-travel back to the ’90s, big chop to a pixie, or something in between, our experts have you covered. Check out the trends to watch below.

1. Colored Curls

According to Causly, hairstylist for Love & Hip Hop and Access Hollywood, naturals are opting for more vibrant colors such as copper, blondes, and reds. “People are wanting to try other avenues because they’re getting bored of just black,” she says. 

2. Nostalgic ’90s Updos

Oludele, Brooklyn-based celebrity and NYFW hairstylist, says there is a fusion of traditional African braids and ’90s up do’s. This trend will bridge old-school styles like the swoop with new-school designs like intricate Fulani braid patterns or even locs. 

3. Ultra-thin lace

No more glue, bleaching the knots and concealing your parts. Causly anticipates wig wearers will begin opting for a lace that won’t need so much manipulation to install—making this trend perfect for wig newbies.

4. Fulani Braids

“Cornrows will never go out of style. What you see is people creating new designs,” Oludele tells ESSENCE. Fulani braids have been on the rise for the last few years, and Oludele doesn’t see them going anywhere. Instead, she predicts more intricate designs, layering, and beaded accessories will be the update for 2022.

5. Blunt bobs with a pop of color

Bob’s have always been a staple style Causly emphasizes–– but this go-around, it’s being done with a streak of color for a little extra pop. As it begins to warm up, you’ll want the ease of a cut that hits below the chin.

6. Back to black

The girls are going back to black, according to Oludele. Going back black is always a chic and timeless option when you want to play it safe or ready for a color detox after dying your hair.

7. Short cuts

Causly says the girls aren’t just stopping at the bob, they are going full pixie. People aren’t so scared to go short now that they aren’t so limited to waiting for it to grow out. “They can put on a wig or switch to a protective style,” she says.

8. Bombshell curls

Long loose curls will never go out of style, according to Causly’s take. “People want that look that they can just get up and throw on and not have to do too much maintenance.” It’s that effortless glam that makes any occasion look like an event.

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