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6 Ways To Wear Denim On Denim

There's more than one way to do the trend you've been seeing everywhere.
6 Ways To Wear Denim On Denim

It’s proven time and time again that fashion trends are cyclical, and they seem to make the same grand entrance every time. Just when you think you’ve seen all one trend has to offer, it pops up again, sometimes even seems better than the last. Amid the trends cropping up as we begin a shift from summer dressing to fall, denim on denim is the “back again” styling combo set to fill the streets and social media feeds alike.

If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion trends of the last few seasons, you may have noticed all signs pointing to a denim on denim return – and you can thank fashion’s obsession with Y2K fashion. Since its onset, designers have paid homage to iconic looks of fashion’s past with updates to low-rise denim, denim mini skirts, denim cargo pants, denim washes that were popular in the early 2000s, and more. As the trend comes to its head, pivoting to denim on denim feels like a way to neutralize the style and bring it back to something that feels a little more familiar – though not without a twist.

Gone are the days of the Canadian Tuxedo without a remix. Be it with a denim blazer, a midi skirt, or a corset, here are 6 fun ways to style denim on denim below.

1. Add Color

Blue jeans remain the default when it comes to styling denim on denim, but in truth, there are no rules to go by. Tacking on color is a fun and easy way to put a spin on the look, with colors such as yellow and neon green for the summer, and dark purple and red for the fall. For an added element, look for styles with different denim finishes such as acid and vintage washes.

2. Keep It Traditional

You can, of course, create what’s considered a traditional Canadian tuxedo with just about any denim jacket and pants. Reaching for tailored styles, however, such as a blazer with emphasized shoulders, or wide, but sharp pant legs is a way to keep the outfit feeling fashion-forward.

3. Style A Corset With A Mini Skirt

Fashion’s love affair with mini skirts has been months long at this point, and the opportunity to include them in the most recent revival of the denim on-denim craze was just too good to pass up. If you’re going full unconventional, try swapping out your denim jacket for a corset top, instead.

4. Try Prints

Printed denim may sound like an acquired taste, but brands have actually created so many options to choose from that they end up feeling completely different from one another in a way that creates something for everyone. On one hand, you could opt for a black and white checkered denim set, and on another, a more subdued option such as one with tone-on-ton jacquard.

5. DIY A Three-Piece

The three-piece suite just got a laid-back makeover. While it’s known as a menswear-leaning styled you’d see most at formal events, this version can get as dressy or as casual as you like.

6. Substitute Jeans For A Midi Skirt

The 2022 take on denim on denim is all about putting the smallest spins on the look. Midi skirts are having a year thanks to Y2K nostalgia and in this a case, a denim style is the perfect substitute for a pair of jeans. To even out the proportions, try a cropped jacket style on top to complete the look.