Here's The Nutrition-Packed Pill That All Mamas-To-Be Need


Whether you mean to or not, it’s impossible to scroll down your newsfeed without running into a viral video of a baby doing what babies do: looking impossibly adorable while having no idea of the cuteness they’re inflicting.

If the baby fever is too much to shake and the voice in your head is convincing you that a kid (or two) is what’s missing from your life, it might be time to check out the Modern Fertility Prenatal Multivitamin

Whether you’re prepping for kids or have a bun in the oven, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend a series of essential nutrients to give your body the boost it needs to keep baby happy. That’s where the Modern Fertility Prenatal Multivitamin steps in.

Here’s The Nutrition-Packed Pill That All Mamas-To-Be Need

Even if you’re watching your diet like a hawk, there’s a nutritional gap between what you’re eating and the ideal level of nutrients that OBGYNs recommend for mommys-to-be, no matter your age, how you identify, or where you are in life.

If you’re curious about the running list of nutrients that are waiting for you, expect: folate, choline, omega-3S, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D3, biotin, iodine, and zinc. Each plays a vital role your baby’s health.

Your baby’s brain and spine development, immune system, central nervous system, growth, and more benefit from the single pill that’s flavored with a hint of citrus — we’ll take anything that makes it go down with ease.

Baby isn’t the only one who benefits from the nutrient-filled cocktail, though. Pregnancies have never been a walk in the park, so you deserve to reap some goodness too. The nutrient deficiencies that gestation causes are addressed Modern Fertility, meaning you’ll be at the top of your game. And you can keep using them post-partum for additional support.

The best part? You can get access to these multivitamins without a trip or call to the doctor.  

Feel comfortable knowing that you’re only putting goodness into your body with a pill that’s vegetarian, gluten-free, and has zero preservatives. For an added bonus, get $5 off your first shipment of pills. 

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