Want The Best Skin This Summer? Try These Vitamin C Serums

Is it just us, or does everyone’s skin seem to adopt a heightened glow during the summer time? Maybe it’s genetics (rather than Maybelline), or perhaps it’s just one of the few pros to enduring summer humidity. Or – and this is every skincare enthusiast’s best kept not-so-secret – it’s probably the work of a really good Vitamin C serum. The sun is out, meaning those of us bracing to ride out exponentially high temperatures are likely preparing to stash away our full coverage foundations for the time being (because those just aren’t comfy in the heat), and if you’re looking for the key ingredient to confidently baring it all, we’ve found the answer.

For the uninitiated, Vitamin C isn’t just something to look out for in your diet – it comes ripe with benefits when used topically for the skin, as well. Essentially, it’s the go-to for targeting all of the most common skincare concerns: Discoloration? Texture? Dryness? You’d be hard pressed to find an issue the water-soluble vitamin doesn’t combat. However, being one of the most unstable and reactive compounds found in skincare, known to oxidize quickly when exposed to varying factors such as light and air, not all Vitamin C serums are created equally. Luckily, we know exactly which ones are created best. Ahead, here’s nine Vitamin C serums that are totally worth the money.


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