Try These Mattifying Setting Sprays You Have If You Have Oily Skin

There’s no two ways about it – the summertime is a struggle for those of us that love a beat face. Add in chronic oily skin on top, and you’ve got yourself a debacle. Luckily, the makeup powers that be have provided us with a number of tools to combat fading makeup in said heat, and if you haven’t yet, getting your hands on a good mattifying setting spray for oily skin is a must.

Those who frequented OG beauty Youtube (we’re talking Coastal Scents palette tutorials OG) remember the discovery of Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray was like the discovery of gold. Who new there was a solution to your foundation being a third away from entirely faded by the end of the night, whether due to the oily makeup of your skin, or exterior humidity factors? Brands have since churned out makeup setting sprays left and right, each offering their own set of unique benefits and finishes. Of course, we’ve rounded up a few options you’ll love below.

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