Face Beat, Even In The Heat — Thanks To These Face Primers For Oily Skin

I get excited about the summer just as much as the next person, but if you’ve stepped outside in cities such as New York City, Houston or Miami this season (I’ve traveled to all three destinations for work), you’ve probably found your makeup in competition with the weather— especially if you have oily skin. Truly, I find it a struggle to get my foundation and the sun to cooperate even in environments virtually free or the tainting that is humidity. Of course there are only a few ways to conquer the weather so that your makeup can flourish, and a trusty face primer is one of them. 

In addition to encouraging your face makeup to stick to your skin rather than giving in to the increasing temperatures and melting away, primers come in a number of various forms and thus can help with many other concerns as well: minimizing the appearance of pores, color correcting, and balancing oil production are just a few. But, face primers are the kind of thing you may feel uneasy shelling out the cash for if it hasn’t been vetted. Naturally, the place I like to turn to for trusted vetting? The reviews. Particularly on Sephora, they haven’t steered me wrong, next. If you’re looking for your makeup life saver for the season, take a look at the reviews from the fan-favorite face primer ahead. Of course, we’ve only rounded up the ones customers have declared worth the money. 

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