10 Hair Products To Help Tackle Detangling 4C Hair On Wash Day

Ask anyone with a 4C texture of their top hair struggles, and the need to detangle what feels like over and over again is bound to be in their top three. Simply put, it comes with the territory. By nature, with the ultra-curly texture of 4C hair the cuticle layers of the each strand of 4C hair are often so close to together that it promotes tangling, and this becomes amplified even further when the hair is wet. Inevitable? Perhaps. Amendable? Absolutely. The best products for detangling 4C hair will leave you with healthier, and oftentimes even more hydrated hair and less breakage.

You might not want to hear this, but with 4C hair, the more frequently you detangle your hair (doing so with small section show as to show the right amount attention to each portion, the better). Adding as much moisture as possible to you your daily and wash day routines helps, too (think avoiding drying shampoos, using scalp oils and finishing off with hair masks to lock in your hard work). Then, adding a cuticle-smoothing detangler into the mix (be it a cream, conditioner or spray), you’ll find that overtime, combing through your wet hair, prepping your hair for a protective style or taking your hair out of a protective style are all bound to become that much easier. Ready to stop stressing over matts and knots? Shop our favorite detangling tools below.

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