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10 Pimple Patches That Zap Away Acne Within Hours

Apparently, some things (such as shrinking blemishes) do happen overnight.
10 Pimple Patches That Zap Away Acne Within Hours

Image Credit: @hadiyamatthews

We have to say, acne solutions have come a long way. Skincare that fights against outbreaks has, over time, progressed from what once felt like an array of products ripe with harsh chemicals to now a robust offering of more thoughtfully created products. We’re all nice and familiar with combating pimples with cleansers, creams, and serums, but acne and pimple patches have now claimed center stage. Turns out, they’re surprisingly effective, and as many brands introduce kitschy patches with bright colors and fun shapes, they’re also sometimes… cute?

Okay, so you just place a “sticker” over your pimple, and they shrink overnight? Essentially, exactly. Most acne patches come with the active ingredient of hydrocolloids which, in a nutshell, are responsible for absorbing all the unwanted gunk inside pimples. Depending on the type of acne patch, you’ll wear the treatment throughout the day or to bed to allow the product to work its magic throughout the night. The result? Typically, pimples are visibly smaller in just hours. The added bonus is that acne patches double as a barrier to keep your bumps free from dirt and infection and keep you from picking at them, as well.

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