“There’s nothing I wouldn’t try,” says 19-year-old Zendaya who’s known for changing her hair as often as women change their underwear. “Where’s the fun in doing something everyone else is doing? You only live once, so just enjoy yourself.”

Recently the hit singer was spotted at the Grammys wearing a blonde mullet, but her previous styles include bobs, top knots, braids and of course the faux locs she wore to the Oscars last year. In fact, wearing a new look is exciting. “Before every red carpet event, I [think] who am I channeling,” says the new brand ambassador for CHI. “I create a new character every time I step out!”

How Zendaya Learned to Embrace Her Curls

While most women admit changing their look is indeed fun, building the courage to actually do it where the challenge begins. Her biggest advice: “Know that it’s okay to be in love with yourself,” she says. “Once you love yourself it won’t matter what others think of you. Be infatuated with yourself. Be cocky. Just make sure you love yourself before you love anything or anyone else.”

Well said, Zendaya.


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