Zendaya Is Over The ‘Boxer Braid’ Trend, Says ‘Braids Aren’t New!’
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The new Covergirl model and talented actress, Zendaya is not one to keep quiet about the ills black women face when it comes to our beauty. The new “boxer braids” trend, more commonly known as cornrows, has taken center stage with celebrities and socialites. In a recent interview with Clutch Magazine, Zendaya had much to say about it.

“Braids are not new,” she says. “Black women have been wearing braids for a very long time. We’ve been using that as a protective style, as a hairstyle. Another problem is it became new and fresh and fun, because it was on someone else other than a black woman. You know what I mean? So that is the frustration. That’s where the culture appropriation element comes into play.”

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Last week the New York Post tried to liken the lovely Sasha Obama sported a variation of so-called trend at her first state dinner. They attributed the “boxer braid” style to other celebrities and UFC fighters like Ronda Rousey, Black Lively and of course, the Kardasians—none of whom are Black women.

Good job, Zendaya. But when is enough, enough?!