We may know Zendaya as an actress, singer and fashion killer — but soon we’ll know her as an amazing fashion deisgner. 

The star has officially debuted her clothing brand Daya by Zendaya as well as an interactive lifestyle app and we’re beyond excited.

The 20-year-old star sat down with ESSENCE to talk about expanding her fashion empire, and explain why it was absolutely necessary for her brand to include a wide range of sizes. 

“It’s not for me its for them,” Zendaya told ESSENCE. “As much as I love it and it is for me it’s really for the people. So I wanted to listen to their questions, their comments, their concerns — what they want, what they don’t want, what they like, what they need.”

Not only is she referring to the clean, chic, sophisticated and casual aesthetic of her line but her decision to insist on gender neutral items and sizes that range from 0 to 22.

“Sizing was important to me because I didn’t want anyone to feel alienated or feel like they weren’t included or thought about in the process of this. I want everybody to feel like they’re apart of this brand.”

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Zendaya also realizes that for her fans it was important to focus on creating something that was not only quality but also attainable, saying that she focused on peices that felt “expensive, luxurious and editorial” but that wouldn’t break the bank.

With prices ranging from $18-$158, she was definitely able to achieve that goal.

When it comes to inspiration, Zendaya shares that she’s moved by vintage looks.

“There are quite a few old closets I’d love to raid. Like where is Cher holding all of her stuff?”

Good question. She also shared a sentiment we think most fashion girls can agree on and that’s being supremely jealous of one lucky girl who gets to pick items from what might be one of the most stylish closets of all time.

“I’m so jealous of Tracee Ellis Ross, she just gets to go into Diana Ross’s closet! That’s the goal for my kids. My kids will have quit the collection.”

She’s definitely well on her way to creating a closet that anyone would appreciate raiding.

Fashion enthusiasts can purchase items from the line by visiting DayabyZendaya.com and can download Zendaya: The App by visiting AppStore.com/Zendaya starting Friday, Nov. 4.



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