Zendaya: Beauty Secrets From Her Mom, Facts on The Mullet and Her Favorite Snacks
Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur

At 19-years-old, Zendaya Coleman is on the (very swift) rise to becoming America’s sweetheart, and ultimate girl crush. I mean, the girl brought back the mullet and made it look good, for goodness sake. Seriously, who else can do that? And she’s not just a pretty face; she sings, acts, can dance, and she’s an advocate for being body positive and serving as a role model for young girls. Oh, and then there are also her endorsement deals with Cover Girl and Chi. She’s got a CV that could rival many of those twice, or even three times her age, but she’s still a regular girl at heart.

Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur


Recently, Coleman sat down with The Coveteur and dished on a few of her favorite things (you know, important things like ice cream, lip balm and snacks) and a few projects she has in the works. Here are five things we learned from the interview and advice from Zendaya we totally plan to copy for our own lives.

1. Zendaya is big on glowing skin. Growing up, she was never really into beauty because her mom was a beauty minimalist. Her best advice for keeping your hair and skin in tip top shape is “[don’t] do too much.”

2.Her key to amazing skin? Moisturizer and a good exfoliator.

Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur

3. Her thoughts on beauty: “You can go through a butterfly transformation at anytime. …It’s nice to see a woman feel good about herself. That doesn’t mean that you need makeup or hair to feel good but putting on some lipgloss or juts getting your hair done just makes you feel good sometimes! Its a little me-time wen you can do your thing.”

4. She likes being a blond and she swears the mullet is coming back. “I really like this whole short, blond situation. I’m really into it, it makes me feel so much cooler. And my mullet. …The mullet’s coming back everybody! I’m not going to wear it often but when it does come back, I’m going to look at everybody and say, ‘now you all want to wear my mullet.”

5. Forget salad and calorie-free chips. Zendaya’s favorite snacks are ice cream and Funyuns.

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Jake Rosenberg/The Coveteur