<p>She's Done! Yara Shahidi Beaming In Her High School Graduation Photos Is The Sweetest Thing</p>

The actress had a list of people to thank for supporting her through high school.


Social media has officially made graduations a group celebration. It seems like every week, a new celebrity or their child is matriculating from one grade to the next.

The latest graduate is the beautiful and talented Yara Shahidi, who shared her cap and gown photos on Wednesday.


✨Time well spent✨

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“Thank you to everyone who’s created the beautiful memories/opportunities/and adventures that’ve gotten me to this moment.”

Her father, Afshin Shahidi, was glowing about his graduate as well.

“My little angel is about to open a new chapter in her life that I can’t wait to witness because the last chapter was so incredible,” he said. 

“Her genuine curiosity and desire to understand and affect positive change for our collective humanity is astounding. I’m proud and humbled by the hard work and focused effort she has put in to be where she is. I love you.”

The 17-year-old is heading to Harvard University in the fall, along with Malia Obama. While we’re not sure how close the girls are, former first lady Michelle Obama did write Shahidi’s college recommendation letter.

So, be on standby for some serious collegiate Black girl magic in the upcoming months.