President Barack Obama has already made the rounds of latenight and Sunday talk shows to promote his health care agenda. Now celebrity supporters are joining his call for reform., Rosario Dawson and Dule Hill will participate on a celebrity panel of judges who will choose the winner of a health care inspired national video contest. Organizing For America, a community organizing group set up by the Democratic National Committee to mobilize the president’s supporters and help advance his lawmaking agenda is soliciting 30-second video spots promoting President Obama’s plan. The winning advertisement will be televised nationally.

According to, “Your video can be serious or funny. It can feature charts and graphs or satire and songs. It can just be you with a good idea in front of a basic web camera, or it can be a special effects filled mini-spectacular. Just keep it to 30 seconds, keep it honest, and make sure that folks who see it will be fired up about passing health reform in 2009.”

Click here for more information or to submit your  video before October 18.-CM