Watch William Levy Open Up About His Cuban Heritage: 'They Teach You To Hate' America

What is the American dream for a Cuban man?
William Levy is mostly known as the hot guy in this commercial or that show, but most recently, the Cuban heartthrob is stirring things up alongside Queen Latifah in Fox’s Star. With a few days left in Hispanic Heritage Month, Levy told ESSENCE why he loves portraying media mogul Mateo Ferrera, who’s also written as Cuban on the series. “It matters where you come from. For me as a Cuban, it makes things easier when it comes to understanding my character — the way he thinks and what he wants when it comes to achieving the American dream,” he said. “Every time you get out of Cuba, you break all that. In Cuba, you are taught something else…they teach you to hate this country,” he admitted. And this isn’t the first time Levy’s teamed up with the Queen. Remember in the movie Girls Trip when Queen’s character, Sasha and her “Flossy Posse” were tricked into drinking absinthe and they ended up hallucinating in the club? Well, that was the scene where Sasha fantasized about Levy, only to be actually making out with a lamp. Awww, memories. For more with Levy, check out the video above.  

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