What Lupita’s Win Means To Me: One Model Speaks Out
Courtesy of JAG

ESSENCE.com: In what way has Lupita’s major wins this award season affected you?
PHILOMENA KWAO: Lupita’s OSCAR win was like a breath of fresh air. I was nervous watching the awards ceremony. And as someone who shares a similar look to her it was refreshing to see that a women of colour, more specifically a darker woman of colour is being fully accepted as beautiful, elegant and graceful. I love that Lupita is changing the conventional standards of black beauty, breaking down barriers and creating a conversation within our communities about what is beautiful, encouraging us to be happy in our own skin, no matter what shade you are.

She is also much more than just a beautiful woman and an incredibly talented actress; she’s also highly educated. I love it. I have a masters degree myself and I’m further inspired by her achievements and the positive message she represents.

ESSENCE.com: How do you think this will affect the perception of women of color in the media?
KWAO: I hope that by hearing Lupita’s story, other young women understand that you can be educated and have a successful career in the entertainment industry. Her success adds confidence to my dreams.

ESSENCE.com: Lupita’s inspiration is model Alek Wek. As a model with a similar look to Lupita and Alek Wek, in addition representing women with curves, how does it feel to be looked up to?
KWAO: Sometimes you never realise how much of an effect you’re having on people until you’re told, and the fan mail I receive has made me very aware of the positive effects I have on other people. Its a blessing to be able to inspire others the way I was (and still am) and I hope I can continue to positively do so. I’m very grateful that I’m able to do this.

ESSENCE.com: Lupita’s unconventional beauty has been praised by mainstream media. Because you have similar features do you think it will make your “look” more appealing?
KWAO: Yes I do. However I hope that Lupita’s rise represents more than just a phase; I hope it permanently  opens doors for plus women of colour in mainstream media.

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