Wendy Williams, talk show host, and advocate of all things plastic surgery, thinks more women need to fess up to the fact that, given the chance, they’d get a nip here and a tuck there. “If I gave you $10,000 and said you can use my doctor, you’d do it,” she said when we caught up with her at the Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City. “If you say you wouldn’t, I venture to say, ‘Somebody’s lying, and it ain’t me.’”

Williams took a moment to chat with ESSENCE.com about plastic surgery, her wigs (she has tons) and her massive shoe collection (she has over 500 pairs!).
ESSENCE.com: Great wig tonight. Do you ever name them?
WENDY WILLIAMS: No, I mean, I did a “wig-a-day” in May on my show, but I just call them by their title. Tonight I have on an 18-inch standard. And so Antoine, my hairstylist, will know when I say curl up the 18-in standard. Standard for me means a side part, not a whole lot going on, just a regular woman-next-door look.

ESSENCE.com: You got some heat for your comments about plastic surgery a few weeks ago.
WILLIAMS: That was very misconstrued. I think that regarding plastic surgery, a lot of women that hate to cop to the fact that they would get it done, might be saying no to it for other reasons, like, maybe it’s against their culture, or they don’t have the money for it. I venture to say, like Joan Rivers said on Fashion Police, if I gave you $10, 000 and said you can use my doctor, you’d do it. And if you say you wouldn’t, I venture to say, ‘Somebody’s lying, and it ain’t me.’

ESSENCE.com: You’ve said Black women aren’t as forthcoming about wanting plastic surgery.
WILLIAMS: I think there are a lot of things that, unfortunately in the Black community, we’re taught to be ashamed of, like plastic surgery, or getting help for alcoholism, or sending our addicts to rehab. Or wearing blond hair. Don’t fault me for wearing a 20-inch blond wig — it doesn’t mean I want to be a white person. And I feel that we need to get up off some of out old ways and keep in step with the times, while still being people with morals.

ESSENCE.com: Would you get any more plastic surgery?
WILLIAMS: No, I just want to maintain.

ESSENCE.com: You’re the ultimate shoe girl. How many pairs do you really own?
WILLIAMS: At the show, maybe 350 pairs, and more like 125 pairs at home. I know that because I counted last year. I was bored, we were on hiatus. I don’t consider flip-flops or sneakers shoes though – unless they’re the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers.