Watch Patti LaBelle Clutch Her Pearls Over Mariah Carey’s Lyrics As They Duet To ‘With You’
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Even when two musical divas are just chilling and having fun together, the moment is magical!

That’s exactly what happened when Mariah Carey and Patti Labelle spent time together backstage following Carey’s Caution World Tour stop in Philadelphia earlier this week.

The ladies sipped wine and started singing an impromptu duet of Mimi’s 2018 single “With You,” a moment that Mariah shared in an Instagram post.

“Shots of Remy, playing ‘Confessions’ and our bodies blendin’,” the two icons sang, even effortlessly splitting into harmony.

But things took a funny left turn when Patti didn’t realize that there was a curse word in the next line of the song.

“Ooh, I’m in love it’s true. Yeah, damn, I f***s with you,’” Mariah continued – lyrics that Patti did not see coming.

“Oh, you say F with you?” Patti asks, covering her mouth in surprise as Mariah broke down the words in a hilarious moment!

And then just like that, they went back to singing and having a good time!


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