Ever dreamed of being stuck all alone in outerspace with smoldering leading man Idris Elba? Yeah, us too.

16 Ways to Bring Idris Elba Home With You Tonight

Well, here’s your chance. Elba stars in new sequel Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters today, playing villian Krall who wreaks havoc in space and tries to put an end to the Federation and Starship Enterprise for good. As usual, Elba brings the villian to life with such intensity and passion that moviegoers will love to hate him.

12 Photos Of Idris Elba Looking Sexy From London to New York

During the interview, Elba leaves ESSENCE Digital Relationships and Lifestyle Editor Charli Penn nearly speechless when he gets candid about the wildest thing a female fan ever said to him. Plus. Elba opens up about who he’d want to be stuck in space with and how he stays sexy, young and fun.

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