Most of us try to get it right.  We really do. We try to do our best, put first things first, take care of our families, love our friends.  We try… but sometimes we fail.  When we do, we don’t need to beat ourselves up or blame anyone else.  We just need to understand that no matter how hard we try, we still need God to make life work. It’s that simple. The song says “I realize that I need your help, ’cause I can’t make it all by myself.”  Sometimes I get the nagging feeling that I’ve let God down and that I should be farther along in my faith.  I’ll think, “Why am I doing this?  Why am I still letting the same old things trip me up?” 

But faith, in God’s timing, always brings forth fruit. So when I get discouraged, when I struggle, it’s a reminder that I can’t make it without God. I try, but without him, I won’t last long. I’ve got to go to my knees, because that’s where my strength comes from.

Being a wife, a mother, a singer and a businesswoman, life can get a little out of control.  But when it does, I know I need more of God, not more of me.  Nighttime is usually best for me to spend time with God, but some nights I get home late, or sleep overcomes me.  And when I want to sleep in or talk to God in the morning, that’s when the baby wants to wake up early.  Yet when you want something badly enough, you’re willing to make the sacrifices required to get it. And I want more of God. He’s the one that will get me where I need to go and make me what I need to be. I need Him more than I need extra sleep or activity or organization or effort.

When I stop, drop and do time with God life flows better. With Him, I’m able to manage the craziness and take the challenges in stride.  I can try and try on my own power, my own steam but when I’ve connected with God, I’m able to do things differently — and do them better.  My number one need is time with God.  There’s nothing more important than that — because no matter how hard “I” try; “I” will still fail.  But when I put my life in God’s hands, He looks beyond my faults and gives me another chance.  I need Him that much and you do too.

Be diligent to make time for God, no matter how busy your days become.  He is always there, waiting for you.  Before you are anything else to everyone else, be His.

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