In everyday life and today’s culture there are so many messages, opinions and influences on how to live, how to be or not to be, what to choose or not to choose…

There are times when life looks like a road that has come to a dead end and at that crossroad every directional sign ever created is posted before you, suggesting which way to go. It’s hard to choose a direction or follow a map when your destination wasn’t determined before
you started on your journey. This is why it is so important to start each day asking for and seeking God’s presence not only in that moment of meditation, but invite Him to be with You and for You all days.

One of the most popular advertising mottoes is Nike’s JUST DO IT. But is that really possible or even wise in all situations and life moments, especially when you realize that your life is not your own? God tells us “in all your ways acknowledge (seek, consult, recognize,
yield to; lean on; trust) Him and He shall (not might; maybe or sometimes) direct your paths.

Even what seems to be an insignificant decision or small issue, when weighed against the woes of the world can have a major impact on life’s destiny (even a turn left vs. turning right). God is the ultimate navigational system… don’t navigate life without Him.

Most view God as this distant and unapproachable being that is to be called upon for the “major” moments of life. When the loving truth is that God is with us, in us and most importantly for us. Take a moment daily to thank God for his guidance; ask that He speak clearly to you at every turn in your day.

He is concerned with every aspect of your life and the decisions that impact your life. He invites us to Him… draw near to me and I will draw near to You. What an awesome and reassuring invitation — the closer you get to Him the closer He is to you.

From our heart to yours,

Mary Mary