Ladies we have a question. How is it that we find a way to manage everyone and everything else but still continue to leave ourselves unmanaged? It’s like we’ve learned how to or at least we try very hard to be a good mom, wife, caretaker, girlfriend, friend, professional, leader, etc but have somehow done horribly at just being a person. It’s like we’re just robotic.

At the end of every day we’re completely drained! We miss every appointment associated with nurturing our soul because another priority gets thrown in front of it. We miss the opportunity to just sit and think, or read, or reflect or enjoy tthe moments, or nap or do the things that make us smile or just allow ourselves to RELAX. We even go as far as feeling guilty if ever we take a moment for ourselves or do something small for ourselves cause there’s always some schedule commitment or financial obligation that’s more important than us.

It’s so funny, how many of us are really selfish in theory. But the reality is, we’ve gotten so consumed with the responsibilities of life and the people in our lives, and everything else, that we forget that we too need and deserve some of that attention that we freely or not so freely give to everyone and everything else. Some of us do it by choice but others by force or default.

If our health is failing, our minds are always cluttered, we’re always under rested, our schedules are so full that we do everything but none of it very well, we could actually be at the point of losing the ability to do anything or tend to anyone because our bodies were made to work but they were also made to recover.

And we only seem to subscribe to the work part. Ladies we must recover!!!

God created the world and on the 7th day, He rested. God didn’t necessarily need rest but He did that so we would follow His lead, so we would have an example of how to manage our world. I tell my daughter (who hates naps) she’s got to get her rest to be her best.

So the bottom line is let’s refresh, recharge, refill, renew, and be restored to face tomorrow with bright eyes, rested spirits, and a fresh outlook.


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