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Walk the Walk: Mary Mary on Self-Discovery

Mary Mary on self-discovery and finding your true self.
Walk the Walk: Mary Mary on Self-Discovery
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

It’s a question that we’ve all asked ourselves on more than one occasion and during different phases in our lives. Even if we don’t use those same words or don’t verbalize the question out loud, our actions, choices and doubts are fueled by this quest to answer this broad question. We pretty much start wondering this from the time we awkwardly enter the school cafeteria and look for a table where we belong. Trying to figure this out can make us style our hair a certain way, date that boy, break that rule, join that club or pursue that degree. It can ultimately take us to the life we have now.

Even as grown women, we still ask it. We just swap the cafeteria for adult circles amongst our friends, colleagues, co-workers and society at large. No matter how many years go by, we still ask: “Who am I, really?” And until we can answer that question, it’s impossible to believe we’re amazing.

People can have you thinking that asking this question and searching for the answer is a bad thing, like you’re selfish or something. But I think the desire and drive to figure this out was given to us by God. God knows that the search for that answer will ultimately lead us to who He created us to be — which will naturally lead us to our God-given purpose and fulfillment.   

As women, we are moms, wives, sisters, friends and confidants, but we sometimes feel guilty for not knowing more about ourselves. As women we are expected to be selfless and to focus on others.

If we worry less about the nature of the question “Who Am I?,” but more about what those we love and nurture will gain from us knowing ourselves. Bottom line, it’s what we do with the answer to this question that matters the most. If you discover your true self and only use that knowledge of who you are to serve and benefit just you, then that’s selfish! But if knowing yourself causes you to love God, others and yourself more then that’s the most selfless journey you can take.

Take it easy on yourself and give yourself permission to get to know your true you. Explore all that GOD has created you to be and then present yourself to you, your God, your family and your world.