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Walk the Walk: Mary Mary on Overcoming Fear

Mary Mary delivers words of advice on overcoming fear.
Being fearful or scared seems to be an autopilot evolution of life; from the boogeyman to what’s under the bed or in the closet. As we get older, dealing with new places, situations and experiences, being scared or fearful is something we all deal with at one time or another.

Fear comes from all sorts of sources, past bad experiences or even someone else’s transferred fear.

A main ingredient of fear is the sense of being out of control. We take confidence in that maneuvering through things, people and places that we have control over and are familiar with. That confidence doesn’t allow fear to set in or hinder us.

But it’s in those times that we aren’t sure that we get scared and fear settles in. Now fear doesn’t always show up as being just scared. It’s usually masked with attitude, anger, false pride, meanness, disinterest or defeat. Fear can be very controlling and open up some ugly doors or cause us to miss incredible blessings and opportunities.

Again we all face and deal with fear; none of us is immune. It’s not about never being scared or fearful, but more to do with how we operate when we are fearful. Even when you aren’t confident in a situation or place or feel completely out of control; muster up the courage to wrap your fear in faith.

Faith in the truth that God is the author and finisher of your faith; meaning that God has completely scripted your story from beginning to end and that He is with you and more importantly that He is for you. The unknown for you, which is usually where fear lives, is known and not a surprise to God — which makes in God in control. 

A popular passage of scripture is there is a peace that passes all understanding. Understanding that God is in control at all times is that peace. Fear can’t reside where peace abides. Accepting that truth is your passport to escaping the pitfalls of fear. Even if you fall into fear, the remembrance of His control won’t allow you to stay there or be entangled by the tricks and traps that fear brings with it.

God knows that fear comes and understands that there will be times that we are all afraid; He wants you to know that when it does come; take heart that He is in control. He is God enough for whatever you face.

Don’t trip — be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart — He’s got you… yes, even you and all that concerns you. No God, No Peace… Know God… Know Peace!!!

Be blessed!
Erica & Tina
Mary Mary

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