Ever had one of those days when things just seem to go wrong from the jump? Like stubbing your toe as soon as you get out of bed — talk about starting your day off on the wrong foot! Or your day starts off fine, but one thing goes wrong and everything else seems to go wrong thereafter?

At the start of the new year, we tend to focus on making a fresh start. We think it’s more important to make a fresh start each and every day.

Start each day in the presence of God — let Him be the fuel for the journey ahead. How you get into His presence doesn’t matter, just making the time is important. You may have “your” plan for the day, but God may want to lead you in a totally different direction.

We have to learn to be strong enough to depend on God so we can begin to hear God speaking to our hearts. In order for God to give you His direction, He must have your attention.
We are programmed to wish for others and hope for ourselves to have “good days.” But our intent should be to experience “God days” — days that have been orchestrated with steps ordered by God.

God days aren’t based on what happens. They are shaped with the ever-present knowledge of God’s purpose and His promise that He is with us and for us.
Today and every day that you are graced to be alive is a God day. Listen for the voice of God to lead you. Be determined to walk in the Spirit and stay in the flow of God’s leading way.

Make it a God Day!!

Erica & Tina
Mary Mary