My daughter, Krista, came into my room to show me her homework tonight. I looked it over and thought it was good, but not great. I said, “Kris it’s good but Mommy thinks you can do better.” She said, with no shame, “Mommy, it’s good enough!” I couldn’t believe it! I immediately told her “good enough” meant she didn’t try her hardest to do her absolute best. If she had said to me, “Mom I worked so hard. I did my best!” I would’ve said, “I’m proud of what you did baby girl.” After she left my room, I began to to think about those doing just “enough” to pass, to be accepted or perhaps average.

I recognize Kris’ attitude because I had it when I was in school. I got away with it then, but in my adult life “good enough” ain’t never enough. Not in my marriage, not in parenting and definitely not in my walk with God.

When I think about the requests we make, like “God bless me abundantly! God open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing, I don’t have room enough to receive.” It makes me think about how much God has already done. He’s done things I haven’t even asked for. I think it’s pretty common these days to ask for more than we give. Everybody’s trying to gain something for nothing. I want to change the way I think. If I’m going to ask God for more, then I need to do more, give more of my time, be more selfless, be more of a servant, go above and beyond the norm and add the extra bit of love, care and concern in everything I do! Not to impress, but to shine and show that I take pride and joy in what I do.

When you change the way you think, your actions will follow. You will raise your level of excellence. You can be confident and know you’ve done your best.

You’re O.K. with asking for the best because you know that’s what you give.

Take the time to evaluate yourself. Are you working as hard as you can to win, excel, grow, gain, build or learn? Or are you doing just enough to get by? Are you praying just enough to say you prayed, but not enough to connect with God and hear Him speak to your heart? Are you working out just enough, but you know you’ll never really reach your goal? Are you giving your spouse half of your heart and attention, but expecting their whole heart in return? Think about it, are you really aiming to be your absolute best in all you do?

You should! I should. We all should!
 We don’t want live in a sub-par world with just “good enough” endeavors.

I know it’s a big request to ask people to go above and beyond. Some people just won’t do it because they don’t care that much. But for those who dream big — let’s be better, work smarter not harder and do it right the first time. Let’s push ourselves to make a difference! Let’s live to the best of our abilities knowing we worked hard, knowing we put our hearts into everything we do!

We were created by the best, so let’s do our best!

Live, Love, Laugh, Trust God

Mrs. Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

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