I remember growing up watching The Cosby Show, loving the fact that a beautiful Black family represented us on TV. And now my very own beautiful family is on television. I remember taping Bobby Jones (on VHS), watching the show over and over waiting for the day to be interviewed by Dr. Jones! I remember so many things in my life, I said I wanted to do… and many years later, my sister and I have been blessed to do some pretty awesome things. We’ve been able to meet, work with and call friend some of the most amazing people who have made a huge impact on our world.

Dreams do come true.

When you think about it, most people have some type of desire to be great or at least meet someone that is! Everyone has a different idea of what success or greatness is.

We all have dreams.

A dream can be an imaginative idea or foresight into your future. For us dreams of being singers were past visions of what and where we are today. When I was younger I just wanted to sing well at my local Evangelistic COGIC church. It makes me smile now, but oh the pressure me and Tina used to feel when our monthly choir night concert came. We would rehearse for hours, get our hair done, trying to make sure everything was right for choir night just for a few hundred people. It was preparation for where we are today.

I appreciate those days and will never forget the moments I thought it would never happen for us. A door closed or an audition that didn’t go so well didn’t stop us, we kept on going! I remember when Tina and I were doing urban stage plays. We were told, pretty regularly, that we weren’t that good enough and weren’t as talented as the two women we were under studying. It definitely shook our confidence. Still, our dreams didn’t die. I can look back on those days and see why we needed that to happen to us. It made us tough. Sometimes God has to see if we’re really ready to receive what he has for us. Because if you get it before your ready, your dream can become a nightmare.

I’m so grateful for what has happened in my life, I know it’s by the grace of God. He allowed our dreams to come true, so everyday is a blessing. We’ve been blessed to be a blessing to someone else. Something we often remind ourselves, when the demands of being artist, business women, moms and ministers become overwhelming.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who has a small dream, like maybe you want to meet Mary Mary. Maybe you want to start your own business. Maybe you want to go back to college. Whatever your dream is, whoever you are, wherever you are keep believing, dream BIG! God has blessed us, and he can and will bless you too. Don’t stop dreaming… don’t stop believing.

Live, Love, Laugh and Trust God

Mrs. Erica Campbell

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