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Walk the Walk: Mary Mary on Fighting Cancer

Mary Mary delivers words of faith and hope to those fighting cancer.
I’ve seen many people fight the battle against cancer. Some wins, and some losses. Every fight is different. Some people fight with everything in them; searching for healthier ways to live, changing to a more positive lifestyle, connecting with God, letting their faith lead the way, removing the negative thoughts (and sometimes the negative people) from around you. All in an effort to survive.

Trying desperately to fight the fear. And some just simply surrender to this disease, sinking and letting go of life.

Sometimes, whether you fight or not, it makes no difference, cancer is a killer.
I’ve experienced this disease. One day prior to completing our project “The Sound,” as I was leaving the a spa, I got a call from my husband that stopped my world. 

He said, “The doctor found something. A mass on my kidney.” I literally dropped to my knees right there. The people around me asked “Are you okay?” and I remember saying, “No, but I will be.” I went outside and walked down the sidewalk screaming for about 90 seconds. Then I called Tina and said, “Say something.”

Her words to me were simply this: “I know God to be a healer. You do too. Hold on to that.” Warryn was diagnosed with Renal Cel carcinoma, or kidney cancer. I’ll be honest, at first, we were so filled with fear that my faith took a huge punch in the face, but we refused to let it paralyze us. I had to trust God in ways I’d never trusted him before. I had to force myself to trust God and MY FAITH WON!!

His cancer came and went so fast it was un-believable. He had an incredible doctor, but we had an even more incredible God who allowed him to walk away from his surgery, that totally removed the cancer one week after finding out he had this terrible disease. He didn’t have to have radiation or chemotherapy after his procedure. Three years later, he’s still cancer-free!

We have a friend who’s currently fighting this disease, and while he does have to have chemo, he refuses to be sad about it. Of course, he has bad days, but he has loving family and friends who are helping him fight — and I believe he’s gonna win.

I’m not sure what your story is or whether you even believe you can fight this disease, but we want you to know you can win. Search for answers and don’t surrender. Have a positive attitude. Pray, believe, and know God is a healer. Whether it be a miraculous healing or an incredible doctor, it’s possible to beat this disease. And you can certainly beat the spirit of the disease through your faith. Don’t give in, you can fight this!
I understand there are many reading this who think; well that ain’t my story: I lost my loved one, or maybe you are reading this and have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for you. And it’s not my heart to disrespect your loss or to minimize the road ahead of you. But what I know to be true is that victory in the battle with cancer has little to do with physical life or death, but more to do with the strength and energy given to living each day as a champion; fighting for your peace of mind and persevering with faith and positivity and understanding that He is with you. His love and care for you and those you love goes beyond the boundaries of physical life and death.
If cancer has been apart of your journey or is your current path, personally or via a loved one, then you are a survivor. Every day that you receive love and give love, you win!!

There is a cure out there, BUT until we find it, LIVE YOUR LIFE until you breathe your last breath!!!

Mary Mary