Sometimes people confuse being in the limelight with being something special or better. Believe us when we say we are not; we are just like any other women. The people that you see in the limelight — up front, bigger than life — they’re no better than you or me. In fact, you’d be surprised to find that they’ve got their share of issues, struggles and insecurities just like — you and us.

Growing up, I was little “Erica,” the lead singer in my church. I believed I had friends because I sang and was accepted because I sang, but I always wished I could sing better. I had a solid group of friends. Even though I had a little spotlight, to me I wasn’t the cutest one or the one with the best or trendiest clothes. We didn’t have a lot of money back then. In a house full of sisters, my clothes were mostly hand-me-downs. Those things can play games with your confidence, but now I see that what I believed to be disadvantages were the very things that built my character.

We may be on stage singing in front of a crowd, but we’re proud to say that we are just Erica & Tina; two chicks from Inglewood, CA — ordinary women who have accepted the Love of an EXTRAordinary God.

Ordinary people can shine. Our song says “God took ordinary me and gave me a chance.”

You may only see average when you face yourself in the mirror, but God sees a gift that He plans to use. When you realize who you are and whose you are, and that He has chosen you specifically and uniquely, you will understand that you have all the advantages that you will ever need. It’s God’s opinion of you, even over your own, that matters most. He tells in His word that He loves us with an everlasting love and that He will never leave us nor forsake us. How great is that?

With God’s love and presence, you can square your shoulders and face the world head on when life tries to shake your confidence or make you doubt that you are special in God’s eyes. When those feelings of insecurity come up (and they will), just remind yourself: “I’ve dealt with this before. God is for me. He makes my ordinary stuff extraordinary. He’s that big!

God loves ordinary you. Here’s something special about you that nobody else in creation has. The key is that you have to cultivate it. The gifts you have point to the purpose you’re made for.

We are excited to see where Mary Mary will take us and how God will use ordinary us to do and make an EXTRAORDINARY impact on this world in the New Year. Be encouraged and anticipate all the EXTRAORDINARY potential you have.

From our hearts to yours,

Mary Mary