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Walk the Walk: Mary Mary on Attitude of Gratitude

Mary Mary on being thankful for every moment of our lives.
Sometimes with the way things are in life, it’s hard to summon a daily thank you or exhibit an attitude of gratitude. We allow problems, issues and the weight of the world to overtake us in heavy doses. So busy planning for, worrying about, or trying to prevent things and situations ahead of us.

Focusing on what we don’t have, what went got wrong and where we want to be causes us to miss and take for granted all that we possess, the things and obstacles we faced and conquered — and how we far we have come.

God wants us to give thanks in all things. When you focus your attention on being thankful daily for even the simplest things, it shifts your focus. The bottom line is for the majority of us, things could always be worse, somebody somewhere is praying for what it is you are disregarding. No matter how bad things seem and what you lack, if you take the time to count your blessings, the list of what you have to be grateful for will always be longer than your wish list.

It is important to have purpose in your heart to be thankful for what is — especially in comparison to what could’ve been. Be thankful for making it through what you were sure would take you out or what you thought you would never get over.  Moreover, the ability to give thanks in the midst of adversity or difficulty will serve as a source of strength and power to further endure. God’s expectation of our thanks is all about the good that it does to us and through us; not because He wants or needs a thank you.

An attitude of gratitude from within resonates in your outward demeanor and presence, and shows onlookers (because people are always watching) what it looks like. You never how your gratitude will be an example to someone else who is where you are and gives them hope that if she can be grateful right here, well then I know I can too. You counting your blessings will cause others to take account of their own.


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