Viola Davis: ‘Stylists Don’t Know What to Do With My Hair’
Mike Windle/Getty Images

Viola Davis, the Emmy winning star of How To Get Away With Murder, was on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this past Tuesday night discussing a new show she’s producing called American Coco. On the new show she’s got an agent who solves ‘sticky racial situations’ and when asked exactly what that was she gave an excellent example.

“Sticky is like, when I was doing a movie and I was doing it with my ‘fro and this Caucasian woman had her fingers in my hair, she said ‘I’m going to make it really pretty’ and so she put some white goo in it.” Davis went on say, “goo only white people would use.” 
Yes, the mega-star Viola Davis, is still having to deal with hairstylists unprepared for natural hair. Seriously? Still? Yes, in 2016 this is still an issue and despite the seasoned actress rocking natural hair for a few years now and the influx of more celebrities including supermodels and athletes doing the same; some white hairstylists have not read the memo and are still unprepared to care for natural hair.

The story ends up with Viola with a white shrunken fro and not the least bit happy or surprised by the end result. All I can say is that maybe if enough of these stories get aired, more white stylists will make it a point to learn how to care for black women’s natural hair. 

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