Viola Davis Has the Answer For Relief From Painful Heels
David Crotty

Did Viola Davis just give us the answer to a fashion dilemma we’ve been trying to conquer forever?

We all know how painful a fierce pair of heels can be — piercing, pinching and enough to give you a serious attitude. When your shoes decide to turn against you, there’s no coming back.

Viola Davis may have just answered our collective prayers as she graced the SAG Awards red carpet and dropped a major key.

The star attributed her comfy shoe situation to ‘Still Standing’, a spray that stops foot pain before it starts.

According to, the formula is made of Eco-Distilled™ Certified Organic Arnica, Aloe and Ilex and works to prevent swelling, redness and pain.

The brand took to Instagram to thank Viola for the shoutout,

We won’t know for sure until we give it a try but anything that helps with shoe pain is heaven sent. You can grab your own trusty spray here.

Here’s to keeping our heels on the whole night, living our best lives and dancing the night away.