Viola Davis Reveals the Questions She’d Like to Be Asked on the Red Carpet
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Chris Rock joked about the #AskHerMore movement while hosting the Oscars on Sunday, but many actresses, like Viola Davis, would truly welcome the opportunity to discuss something other than how they’re dressed with red carpet reporters. 


“Anything that doesn’t deal with style,” the How to Get Away With Murder star told EW editor Henry Goldblatt on his SiriusXM show. “I mean, I would like to be asked what makes you tick in life? What causes you to jump out of bed in the morning? Why did you want to become an actor? That would be good.”


When Goldblatt asked Davis the second question, Davis revealed it’s her loved ones who bring meaning to her life each day.


“My family gives me significance,” she said. “I have to think of what kind of life I’m leading for my daughter.”


Davis’ 5-year-old daughter definitely already considers her mom a role model, so much so that Genesis dressed up as the Emmy winner for Halloween last year. “The Elsa costume? Didn’t work for her. The Pirate? A no go. So she finally said, ‘I just want to be YOU mommy!’” Davis captioned a Facebook photo of her daughter in November.


Hear more about Davis’ relationship with her family, above.

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