Even with fame and fortune from a successful acting career resting on her shoulders, Viola Davis still finds it hard to shake the thoughts of the insecure, younger version of herself.

“There are times when I’m helping her along telling her that we’re okay and we’re worthy. And there are times that she reminds me of how unbelievable my life is,” Davis says in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly

Davis reveals that as child, she was hungry, she was poor and she was even a bed wetter. But she has certainly come a long way from those days. Today, Davis is an Oscar-nominated actress who captivates millions of people every Thursday night as the star of the hit ABC drama, How To Get Away With Murder. More than that, Davis has become an icon who’s inspiring billions of people to embrace their unique beauty as she embraces her new life.

“I’m surprised at my life now, really,” Davis says. “That’s different from feeling like I deserve it, and I feel like I do. But I’m surprised by it… All I wanted to be was really good at what I did.”

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