Tyrese to Appear on ‘Empire’ as Taraji’s New Lover
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The wait is over—Jody and Yvette are reuniting once again.

This week Tyrese Gibson appeared on Wendy Williams with claims to get his on-screen woman back. “Me and Taraji, we gotta do what we do,” Tyrese Gibson explained. “I’m coming to get my girl back!”

In 2001, Gibson and Taraji P. Henson portrayed lovers (Jody and Yvette) in Baby Boy and have been one of Hollywood’s favorite on-screen couple ever since. Earlier this year Tyrese Instagramed a photo of themselves with the caption: “I’m not cool with all these dudes feeling up on Yvette and its on TV? I heard they call her Cookie now? The homies are telling me I gotta get my b**** back.. I guess I gotta change my name too and go do some show called #Empire? Cause that’s where Yvette is now under her alias #Cookies? Damn…see you soon —Judy”

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It is unknown which episode Gibson will make an appearance as Cookie’s new flame, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out. Check out the clip below!


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