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[BLANK_AUDIO] Newlywed Tyrese criticized women who rock weaves and may have gotten a little nip, tuck, plump. He wrote we know the difference in real hair and fake clip-ons. We know eyelash extensions and we know fake, hard titties. [LAUGH] Pointing in four directions with your ribs showing in the middle. We know when you got Chicken legs and it leads to an oversized ****, #fakebutt. You guys are really starting to go too far with the manufactured beauty. Finally, he writes, if your beauty has been purchased, that's fine. Own it, enjoy it. Just know that us real ones out here see the real. Panelists. Okay, now that's a lot to take in. Are we slaying or shading? And two, three, please hold up your cards. You already know. You already know. Shade, shade, shade. All right. For real? Yes. Slayed. EZ, you're gonna have to explain yourself, but we're gonna give it to ladies first. Sharon, tell me why you're shading him. Well, here's the thing. I mean, I think the way he delivered the message was atrocious. It was offensive, it was misogynistic, so no one's gonna listen when you're throwing all this garbage Out there on Instagram. But, and there is a big but here. Okay. There is a big but. I feel like deep down, Tyrese did have good intentions with this. Here's why. So, I'm a woman, I love to rock hair extensions and eyelashes, I don't care what any man says, I'm gonna do that for myself to feel good. But we are living in that age right now where young women are feeling so much pressure to look perfect. Yeah. On Instagram, on Snapchat, we're using filters, and Photoshop filters and all of these things. And some of these young women are taking it very, very far, getting surgeries, sometimes illegal **** shots. These things that can really harm their health as well And I think what Tyrese, underneath all the BS, is trying to say is that you have to learn how to love yourself for who you are and how you were born. And at the end of the day if a man really loves you, he's gonna love you for you rather than. You know, your assets that you might be showing on Instagram. I wish you would write on his Instagram and write on his behalf, because that was perfect. More advice, please. [CROSSTALK] The way he said it, exactly. No need to be offensive. I find that a lot of times in the media right now, there's more offense and defense than anything. Like let me offend you first and then defend it later. And it's like just don't be offensive. Say what you mean without having to go there. Right. We don't always have to be shady. Shade can be good sometimes. Hello. Tell the truth. People have no filter. There's no filter out there. I agree. They have too much access. Ez, we gotta talk about your slayed here. I think she kind of took some of my wind on it. [LAUGH] Wind out your sails. Women love to say they wanna feel pretty and beautiful and And if that's what makes you feel that go ahead and be that. We know what the fake is and we know what's real. I don't think it's that big of a deal. So really it was his intent, it was his delivery that- Absolutely. The delivery was bad. And he probably talks to his boys like that at the end of the day. But my question is, But before you got married though. So that means you didn't do any fake titties. Wait a minute. Let's not pull up the receipts. Kayla. Let's not pull up the receipts. I'm just saying because now that we're married so does that mean that I no longer. You've got to change. Yeah, okay. Kayla what do the folks what do the folks on social are saying? My gosh, so much shade. I can't even keep up with the comments. Please. So Far, Honey West says, Tyrese can go straight to hell. Tonya Thomas says, Tyrese who? Lisa says, not interested in Tyrese's comments. Those are just his opinions, not facts. So I'm cool. Morindo says, Tyrese talks too much, simple as that. He usually starts making some sense at first. Then somewhere along the line, his ego gets involved. He should just face his marriage and I hope it's till death do us part. That ego keeps coming out. Now that was a read. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Tyrese Is Back With More Misogynistic, Slut-Shaming Advice We Didn’t Ask For  



Tyrese is back doing what he does best: Tyrese-ing.

The Fate of the Furious actor is in hot water after spewing his usual hotep and misogynistic viewpoints while promoting his latest flick at BET.

In a Facebook live interview, the newlywed offered his insights to women who were being patient and waiting for the right man.

“I appreciate all the ladies out there that are still single, that are holding out. Don’t settle. Don’t settle.”

He added: “Sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps and overly aggressive promiscuous women, they are never without a man because they don’t have no standards. They ready to have sex with any and everything that want to have sex with them. But when you are single, and you actually love yourself, you know your value and your self worth you hold out until God sends you what is yours.”

But he didn’t stop there. There’s more: “So sometimes they be talking mess to women that are single but I have a respect for them because if you’re single and you might say, ‘I’ve been single for a couple years.’  what ever the case may be, you actually holding out because you have your value. You have women that are active out in these streets, they going to lunches and dinners every night. Private planes, mega yachts, it’s cracking. They’re never without. However, it comes with a cost, you gonna put a lot of miles on yourself down there, come on.”

Social media, of course, reacted swiftly to his comments, making Tyrese a trending topic on Twitter.

It looks like BET isn’t getting off the hook either, with many accusing the media company of promoting Tyrese’s misogyny. The company has since taken down a tweet promoting an article of the interview, and has made sure to note that Tyrese’s views do not reflect those of the company.