Tweet In Better Health, Shares Recovery News With Fans

The singer says she's feeling better and is thankful for the prayers.

R&B singer Tweet has made a breakthrough and is reportedly feeling better after being hospitalized for blood clots. On Wednesday her boyfriend, Baltimore’s Pastor Jamal Bryant asked for prayers as she was suffering from clots in her lungs at right arm.

Less than a week later, it appears those prayers helped.  

“Miracles still happen,” Tweet said on Instagram. “Just wanted to say thank you all for your love, concern, flowers, cards and most of all your prayers. I am doing well and going home soon. I was down but never count GOD out!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!”

Before her hospitalization, the 46-year-old was working on new music. “This time all acoustic feel!! Get ready!! No squalling on this one,” she said on Instagram.

Hopefully she feels 100 percent better soon.

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[MUSIC] Tweet's here y'all. Hey! See how she just sang her welcome to us? She is everything. Tweet, how was your performance? Did you have a good time tonight? It was amazing. The crowd and the love was amazing so I can't wait to come back next year. Okay. Let's claim that next year please. You sing so effortlessly. Your music makes us feel so good. But who makes you feel good? Who are you hear to sway to tonight? Tonight, Kelly Price Faith Evans, Daley, Lion Heart, Lyon? Lion Babe. Lion Babe, Internet, Maxwell of course. [SOUND] I will see him tonight, yes. I second that, okay. [LAUGH] I think we all stop for that moment and just watch. Yes, of course. So that's who really Burns me, yeah. And what are you doing while you're in New Orleans this weekend? What are you getting into, darling? Well, this, and then I leave for a family reunion. Yeah, that's it. So you're doubling down for 4th of July weekend. Essence Fest and the family reunion? Gotta see the family. Are you bringing a meal? No, not this time. Next year, maybe my husband. You don't cook, Tweet? The, do I what? You cook? I said are you going to bring a meal to the family reunion? Yeah. I didn't. Aw. Not this year, maybe next year! It's okay we forgive you anyways but thank you so much for joining us. Stretch it. We're, okay, you know what we're gonna just keep talking and having a good time on the record but what, who are you wearing? You look fantastic. This is just the Zara stuff. I love Zara. The stylist that was supposed to style me Didn't come through. Uh-oh! So, I just had to pick out of my own personal stuff and I got some Zorro stuff and I just did that. Okay. Some BCBG and just, been comfortable with it, okay? You look fantastic. I would never have even known that your stylist had not come through. Well, you always look fantastic. So, what is your inspiration for your style on the stage? I just love comfortable and I'm really getting into being fashionable this time. Like, in my first album I was just doing too much stuff, just doing crazy dumb stuff. But now I just wanna be Sheek and it's sexy. It's sexy and comfortable. Wrap it on up, right? That's what he's saying. [LAUGH] You guys. Dweet, thank you so much! We adore you. Well thank you. I love you guys too. See you next year. Please. Back to you Dana. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]