TV One’s upcoming Bobbi Kristina Brown biopic might be in jeopardy.

On Thursday, Bobby Brown filed a lawsuit against the network over the biopic about his late daughter, claiming defamation of character, libel, and slander. 

The lawsuit alleges that the film “contains defamatory and untrue depictions” of him. The Wrap reports that the lawsuit claims the biopic uses information producers obtained from Brown’s former reality show, Being Bobby Brown, violating a confidentiality agreement.

“The Defendants’ movie contains defamatory untrue depictions of [Bobby] having dinner with [Bobbi Kristina] and scenes suggesting that [Brown] does not love his daughter or is committed to his daughter,” the suit reads. “The Defendants’ movie and the script writing are libelous and slanderous toward.”

TV One released the trailer for the upcoming film, Bobbi Kristina, back in August. D’Angela Proctor, TV One Head of Original Programming & Production, said of the film, “In its simplest form, Bobbi Kristina is a story about a beautiful mother-daughter relationship intertwined with both of their desires to be loved; one just happened to be a superstar and the other an innocent bystander to her parents’ fame.”

Brown is seeking more than $1 million in his lawsuit against the network.


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