We Need To Understand Why Tupac’s Ex Is Selling A Photo Of His Penis For $7,500
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Tupac’s ex-girlfriend is trying to unload a photo of the rapper’s penis for $7,500.

TMZ reports that ‘Pac’s ex is hoping to get some pretty hefty change from an auction of the photo featuring the rapper’s, err, goods. The photo was allegedly snapped at a house party after ‘Pac’s ex threatened to take the photo if he didn’t cover up.

Sources tell TMZ that the rapper would regularly expose himself in order to shock friends. There are also other photos the ex plans to sell in which ‘Pac is fully clothed. 

Earlier this year, a Brooklyn auction house set out to sell some of the rapper’s prized possessions despite lawsuits from the estate of his late mother, Afeni Shakur. 

Reps for Black Heritage Auction told TMZ that they never reached out to Afeni’s estate because they didn’t feel they needed to, they believed that they got the items lawfully. Items up for auction at the time included ‘Pac’s New York prisoner identification card, a personal signed Quran, and the All Eyez On Me book II CD master.

The full-frontal photo will go to the highest bidder if the rapper’s ex can’t get the request $7,500.

Someone please stop this!