It’s hard to imagine how these headlines keep coming amid a global pandemic that’s only worsening by the day, but they do.

Singer Trey Songz is under fire today after news broke that he performed at a packed Ohio nightclub event that was cited for improper conduct after violating numerous COVID-19 safety protocols.

Songz made an appearance at a nightclub called Aftermath where he performed in front a live crowd on Saturday night, PEOPLE reports. The indoor event had 500 people inside and, officials say, most in attendance were not practicing social distancing.

According to PEOPLE, the club received immediate citations from the Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU) after their agents arrived at the packed venue.

“Agents observed patrons standing, walking freely and sharing alcoholic beverages directly from the same bottle as they were passed between groups,” the OIU said in a press release.

In video and photos from the event circulating online, crowds of partygoers can be seen crowded by the stage and bar with very few face masks worn.

PEOPLE also reports that the city of Columbus has shut the establishment down and sent the case to Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Songz, 36, made headlines in October after publicly sharing he’d tested positive for COVID-19 and planned to follow all safety guidelines going forward. At the time, he even encouraged his fans to do the same, writing in a caption “Down but not out! Stay safe y’all! Wear your mask. Wash your hands.”

Well, that post didn’t age well. 


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