Your MCM Trevante Rhodes Is Humbled By All Of The Love He Gets From Fans
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Trevante Rhodes is a strong dramatic actor with a fast growing fan base.

Fans first fell in love with the 27-year-old when he captivated viewers in the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight, then got another glimpse of his talents again in the Netflix movie Burning Sands. He’s back on the big screen, with a role in new drama 12 Strong

All the films he’s played in thus far, have cast Rhodes in serious, yet endearing, roles, but the Louisiana native told ESSENCE that maybe one day he’ll star in the rom-com role his fans would love to see.

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“A romcom would be fun,” Rhodes admitted. “It just depends on the people I get to work with. Yeah, that would be fun actually, so thank you for putting that in my mind. I’m going to look for that.”

And ladies don’t worry–Rhodes feels the love online and he’s proud to be your #MCM.

“Thankfully, I’ve been able to pretty much stay working, so that’s what I focus on, but, yeah I see some people who are just like, women, men, whoever it may be, just like have that genuine reaction to the person you are, and like, ‘Yo, I appreciate you. Yo, you’re amazing,’ and stuff, that’s a really good feeling.”

Rhodes is slated to star in 12 Strong, which opens on January 19th.