When “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes stopped by our office last week, we were blown away by how hilarious, candid, and diva-tastic the reality superstar is in real life. The other remarkable thing? Leakes’ golden-streaked, coppery coif. The color was so luxe, so flawlessy rich-looking, we had to get more details from Ms. Nene, herself. Nene, we’re gagging over your haircolor! Where did you get it done, and who’s your colorist? NENE LEAKES: Child, I did this myself! At home, with L’Oreal Light Golden Brown, honey. No! LEAKES: I’m old-school and very hood with mine. I always do my own haircolor! Why spend over a hundred dollars at the salon when you can buy an $11 at-home kit from the drugstore and look just as fierce? Honey, I put on the gloves that come in the box, mix in some “booster” lightening powder and slap it in. It looks so professional… LEAKES: I actually made a mistake! I put it in and started talking on the phone, and before I knew it I had a big patch in the back that was way lighter than the rest. I tried to hurry up and rinse it out, but it was too late! So I showed my stylist, and she told me that when she shaped up the back, the color would fade down and look natural. Sure enough, it did! Now I love it, honey.

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